Installation & Care


Battery Maintenance Checklist

Never smoke or have open flame or spark near a battery.
Always wear personal safety wear when inspecting, servicing or working near batteries.
Always maintain correct electrolyte levels as specified.
Always maintain batteries in clean and dry condition.
Always ensure no metal objects come into contact with the battery.
Always add distilled or approved water only. If spillovers occur, contact battery expert for service.
Discharge batteries no more than 80% of their rated capacity. Ideal discharge/charge parameters are
6 hours use, 8 hours charge and 4 hours cool-down prior to use.
Never place a hot battery on-charge or in operation. If battery is hot (+115F), contact battery expert for inspection.
Always perform and record electrolyte and cell voltage readings on a minimum quarterly basis or per 75 discharges.
Remove or open all covers from batteries during charge, ensure adequate ventilation exists in all areas
where batteries are being charged.


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