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Dissipater Replacement Battery Cap

Features include:

  • Reduced Watering intervals
  • ‘Maintenance is required’ indicator
  • Acid over-flow protection
  • Faster, more accurate maintenance practices
  • Easy on-off, fits all battery types

Automatic Watering Systems

We carry all major brands of Automatic Watering Systems including BFS, FLOW-RITE and PHILADELPHIA SCIENTIFIC.

Philadelphia Scientific

Battery Watering Technologies

Watering Indicators

Battery Handling Equipment


Safety and Acid Containment

Ramsey Group

Battery Watering Guns

Just insert into the battery cell and pull the trigger. Automatically fills the cell to the correct leve then shuts off. Never overfill a battery cell again.

Watering Carts

This 10 gallon watering cart contains a battery, charger and a built-in 12 volt pump that automatically turns off when fill lever is shut off. Watering gun sold separately.

De-Ionizer – Battery Water Filtration Systems

Removes iron and other trace minerals that can shorten battery life. One cartridge cleans approximately 600 gallons.

Battery Roller Service Stands

Widths range from 15″-30″

Battery Spill Kits

Each kit includes:


» 1 Orange nylon mini spill kit bag
» 2 Clear 4ml poly disposable bags 26″ x 40″
» 2 Hazardous waste labels and ties
» 10 HAZMAT yellow, bonded, heavyweight pads
» 3 HAZMAT yellow absorbent socks, 3″ x 4″
» 1 just of Multizorb universal sorbent

YellowBowl Shower/Facewash

» 30 gpm shower FW with ABS heads/Wye
» Combination Shower/Eyewash Station
» Full Body
» Plastic Shower
» Self-Adjusting Regulators Assure 3.5 GPM flow on Eyewash and 8.0 GPM flow on showe

YellowBowl Eye Wash

This unit connects directly to the water line to provide and uninterrupted flow. Comes with two ABS plastic heads and 10.5″ bowl. Push plate actuator opens water valve. Connects to 1/2″ NPT water line.


U.S. Department of Labor

1910.132 – General Requirements This section contains safety requirements relating to fire protection design, maintenance, and use of fork trucks, tractors, platform lift trucks, motorized hand trucks, and other specialized industrial trucks powered by electric motors or internal combustion engines. This section does not apply to compressed air or nonflammable compressed gas-operated industrial trucks, nor to farm vehicles, nor to vehicles intended primarily for earth moving or over-the-road hauling.

Battery Charging, Changing, and Handling
1910.178(g) (6) – Battery Charging and Changing area
1910.305 (j) (7) – Ventilation of Storage Batteries
1917.157 – Battery Charging and Changing
1926.441 – Batteries and Battery Charging